Melinda Bell, BA, NCPSS, CADCI


Melinda Bell is the Co-Founder of Christ Centered Community Counseling, aka C4. Melinda was formally trained in high school education and began her career teaching African American Studies in Charlotte’s inner-city, where she recognized right away that she had a gift with adolescents and young adults. In the classroom, lessons were brought to life through interactive, culturally significant, multimedia “experiences” that inspired students to speak out against injustice and racism. However, at home things were falling apart. She and her husband began Christian counseling as a last Hail Mary to save their marriage. The couple was transformed by God’s redemptive work in the counseling room but were heart broken to see that marginalized communities didn’t have access to the same counseling that had changed their lives. In 2016 they founded Christ Centered Community Counseling to make Christ centered counseling available to people in the urban inner city.  Melinda is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor Intern, a North Carolina Peer Support Specialist, and a certified trauma trainer. In addition to seeing patients, she leads professional development for teachers and community members on trauma, resilience and the brain. While she continues to pursue the ongoing work of exploring her own story through intense individual counseling, she is also committed to making as many memories as possible with her four remarkable children and husband of 18 years.  




J.B. is a “Licensed Clinical Social Worker” in the state of North Carolina Social Work Certification & Licensure Board. Holding a Bachelor’s in social work and Master’s degree in Social Work both from University of North Carolina at Charlotte and co-founded Christ Centered Community Counseling PLLC, also known as C4. He completed a residency at the Barnabas Center for biblical counseling. J.B. is a trauma therapist that specializes in Christ-centered mental health, post trauma stress disorder, community resilience, and addictions. He managed the Michael Jordan Family Medical clinic and Movement Family Wellness Center powered by Novant until he resigned to go full time at C4 the company he Co-founded. JB is a trauma therapist that also works with individuals with ADHD, family problems, issues of faith, Individual challenges, career purpose, depression, marriage problems, anxiety, adolescent, divorce, grief, stress, domestic violence, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and conflict resolution. His greatest accomplishment consists of gaining a wonderful spouse of about 18 years-Melinda Bell and their four beautiful children (Amalia, Meliah, DeJuan, & Josiah).


Latoya Pousa, BSW

School Program Director

Latoya Pousa is C4’s School Program Director.  As a passionate educator and advocate for equity and social justice, she has a long history of involvement in the Charlotte community and organizations at the local, regional, and national level. Believing in the power of a single story, she uses storytelling to help people understand their own experiences' political nature. Latoya holds a Bachelor of Social Work degree with a concentration in Sociology and Women and Gender Studies from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.


Lantrianne Worden, BA, LCMHC 

TF-CBT Director

Lantrianne leads the counseling department at Christ-Centered Community Counseling, PLLC (C4) serving in the roles of Clinical Director and therapist. She is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in the state of North Carolina, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Indiana and a nationally recognized Certified Play Therapist. Other certifications include CPR, CPI (Crisis Prevention Institute), trauma trained in Resources for Resilience, ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) assessment, Cultural Competence and pending certificate in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Before joining C4, Lantrianne served as Clinical Supervisor (over 5 years) and Mental Health School-Based Therapist for almost 15 years for a large hospital and public school in Indiana. She has experience working with individuals, groups, families and children as well as connecting families with community resources. During her career, Lantrianne takes pride in providing excellent patient care. She is known for going above and beyond to “meet patients where they are” letting them know that they are not alone. She was divinely inspired as a young, Christian teenager to provide mental health services to marginalized and disadvantaged communities of colors in the urban area. She has a passion and heart for populations who ordinarily would not receive services. She holds a Master’s Degree from Ball State University in Counseling Psychology located in Muncie, IN. She also holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology from South Carolina State University located in Orangeburg, SC.


Amalia Hayden

Executive Assistant 

Amalia Hayden is Executive Assistant at Christ Centered Community COunseling, PLLC. Amalia started with C4 in April of 2020 as a Resource Specialist, assisting families during the pandemic with food, past due rent, and utilities. Amalia currently attends the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where she is pursuing a Bachelor's of Science in Health System Management with a minor in public health. Amalia is also a lifeguard and teaches swim lessons at the local YMCA. 


Jon Baldwin, BA, MFTI

Counselor Intern

Jon Baldwin is a student intern at The Pfeiffer Institute for Marriage and Family Therapy who works with individuals and families to mobilize the transformative power of relationships to create meaningful change. He knows that relationships have the potential to be extremely impactful in ways that can be both constructive and destructive. He believes effectively navigating interpersonal relationships is an experience that can be challenging but is well worth the effort. Jon has supported adults, teens, and children as a Resident Assistant, Community Mentor, Peer Mentor, Head Camp Counselor, and Assistant Camp Director. Jon holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from Wingate University and is currently studying to obtain a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.

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Nathallie Chavez, BSW, MSWI

Counselor Intern

Nathallie Chavez earned her Bachelor of Social Work degree at UNC Charlotte and is currently pursuing a Master of Social Work degree at UNC Charlotte where she serves as a Research Graduate Assistant. Nathallie serves as the Assistant Director of Race and Social Equity Academy (RASE) and Mental Health Research and Practice (MHRP) Lab. Nathallie has a passion for helping individuals find healthy perceptions of themselves and bring healing to those who have suffered trauma.


Jasmine Jefferson, BA, MSWI

Counselor Intern

My name is Jasmine Jefferson. I received my Bachelors in Psychology from Johnson C. Smith University in 2019. I'm currently a 2nd year Master of Social Work student at Johnson C. Smith University. This will be my second year practicing therapy. My passion is help enhance the lives of children and families. 

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Prince Whitley, BA, MSWI

Counselor Intern

Prince Whitley is an intern at Christ Centered Community Counseling (C4). Prince holds a bachelor's degree in Social Work and is currently in the masters advanced standing program at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte studying Social Work. He is also an Integrated Behavioral Health Scholar. Prior to working with C4, Prince was an intern at The Relatives Youth Crisis Center where he worked with youth ages 7-17 who needed a safe place to stay because they ran away from home or experienced homelessness. He also worked as an intern at Youth Villages dogwood campus where he also worked with youth ages 11-17 who have been impacted by trauma. In his spare time, he enjoys being around his friends and also watching Netlfix series. 

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Kelly Vilmer, BS, NCPSS, MSWI

Social Work Intern

Kelly Villmer is a student intern at C4 Counseling, PLLC. She is currently pursuing her Master of Social Work at UNC Charlotte with the goal of becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Kelly is passionate about advocating for a trauma-informed, holistic approach to mental health and wellness and teaching psychoeducation to individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Kelly is a Certified Peer Support Specialist in North Carolina and spent several months working with Promise Resource Network as a peer counselor. Kelly earned a BS in Business Administration from Towson University in 2006, with a concentration in marketing. She hopes to bring her professional background in creative marketing and client relationship management to her role with C4 Counseling and her future career as a social worker.